Oct 16- Smokey Paws presentation

posted 30 Oct 2016, 09:29 by Thanet LionsClub   [ updated 30 Oct 2016, 09:30 ]

THANET LIONS CLUB –Smokey Paws Project Presentation.

Thanet Lions Club members were delighted to attend Margate Fire Station to present them with a cheque for £90.00 for the purchase of a second Smoke Paws kit.

The Smokey Paws project is a national initiative to put pet oxygen masks on all UK front line fire engines.

Like humans, but more so, pets of all kinds can suffer the effects of smoke inhalation. As little as three breaths can kill. Fire itself is a traumatic event for any family and to additionally loose a pet is devastating. Fire fighters do their best to save pets, often improvising with adult masks to reverse the effects of smoke inhalation. However it is often difficult to get a good seal therefore much of the intended oxygen escapes into the atmosphere. Smoke Paws kits are specially designed and manufactured to ensure the recipient pet receives 100% of the oxygen, hugely increasing the prospects of a successful outcome. They come with three different sized masks, so dogs and cats to hamsters and even reptiles can be treated.

Since its launch last November some 65 kits have been sponsored and are used in and around the County of Kent. Ten more kits were required, Margate Fire Station needing a second. As we are all aware, Fire service budgets are very much under strain, Thanet Lions were more than happy to ‘step in’ and fulfil this requirement.

Volunteer Fire Fighter Chris Wheal demonstrating the Smoky Paw Kit

Lion President Janet along with Lion Lucy presenting the cheque to the Fire Officers from White Watch


Presentation of cheque from L-R Lions Mike, Jacquie Fire Office Chris, Lion President Janet, Lions Lucy and Bob