What has Thanet Lions been up to?

See some of the press releases of Thanet Lions activity and fundraising below:

Thanet Lions supporting QEQM front line staff during the Covid 19 crisis

posted 11 Apr 2020, 12:30 by Thanet LionsClub

Lions delivering service to QEQM
After a request for help Thanet Lions arranged for 4 Microwaves and 5 Kettle for the night shift at QEQM Hospital so that the staff can get a hot meal. They currently only have one Microwave amongst 130 staff.

Lion Jackie Robinson delivering the equipment to one of our own members Lion Steve Griggs who is in the front line in the battle against Covid 19. 

We are all proud of you Steve. Thank you. 

Christmas Quiz

posted 30 Dec 2018, 05:48 by Thanet LionsClub   [ updated 13 Jan 2020, 10:19 ]


With Christmas celebrations in full swing, Thanet Lions Club would like to thank everyone who attended their recent Christmas Quiz. The event was ‘sold out’ with just under 100 people taking part. Guests were treated to a ‘Christmas’ dinner and mince pies. Congratulations to the winning team ‘The Hollies’.  £518.44 was raised from this event. £260.00 will be donated to LIBRA (Lions International Blood Research Appeal) a charity very close to our hearts, the remaining profit will be used to ‘top up’ the Lions pot in readiness to support requests for help 


Winning team , showing the benefit of knowledge across the generations.

The Thanet Lions Quiz Team suitably attired.


Chistmas Hamper Pack 2019

posted 30 Dec 2018, 05:27 by Thanet LionsClub   [ updated 13 Jan 2020, 10:20 ]


Our annual ‘hamper pack’ has taken place. The demand this year has been greater than ever. £2900.00 was spent to produce 262 bags of groceries and goodies which have now been distributed within the Community to those who deserve that ‘little ‘extra’ at this time of year. We are very grateful to Kelvin, Simon and the staff of Tesco Manston for all their help and support with the purchasing, storing and packing of all the food items. This project has grown year on year and without the support of Tesco we would not have been able to fulfil our request list. Thank you.


Another School benefits from Hi Viz vests

posted 26 Feb 2017, 08:15 by Thanet LionsClub   [ updated 26 Feb 2017, 08:15 ]

Thanet Lions is trying to provide all infant schools in Thanet with 30 Hign Viz vests as part of our Centennial celebrations. 

The lastest school is St Josephs, Broadstairs

Thanet Lions were very pleased to receive the following letter from the school : 

Dear Thanet Lions 

 We had an OFSTED inspection just after your visit followed shortly after by our half term break and so I do apologise that it has taken me so long to pass on our school community's thanks for your kindness.

 The tabards have already been put to good use and are well travelled - Year 3 wore them yesterday when they took the train to Dover on a School trip and many of the younger children have already worn them on their trips to the local library and to sports events at other schools. Year 4 wear them every Friday when they walk to a local swimming pool for lessons.

 I attach a couple of photos for you - please let me know if you would like some additional shots.

 We rely on the goodwill of our community partners and so thank you for your kindness which makes a practical and appreciated contribution to the welfare of all our children on a regular basis.

 With many best wishes

 Clare Roe    School Office

 St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School


Oct 16- Thanet Lions Centennial Legacy project

posted 30 Oct 2016, 10:05 by Thanet LionsClub

Many Clubs are marking the occasion of the Lions Centenary by initiating projects that will leave a lasting legacy to their Community. Members of Thanet Lions had various suggestions put forward, including park benches or adopting a roundabout. We have decided however to be more practical. 

Whilst shopping in Ramsgate town centre a Club member noticed a group of primary school children out on a school trip. They were all very well behaved, working in small groups, obtaining information from shop windows but they were not wearing high visibility vests. On investigation we discovered that many schools do not have the funds to allow them to purchase high viz vests for their children. Thanet Lions have set a challenge to raise funds to supply thirty high visibility vests to each primary school, around twenty, in our area, by June 2017.

Fundraising has not changed much over the years. Boot Fairs have replaced jumble sales. The Donkey Derby has been replaced by our Summer Fete a start. At the end of Summer term, seven schools, namely, Birchington Primary, Cliftonville Primary, Christchurch C of E, Dame Janet, St Lawrence C of E, St Crispins and Minister Primary received thirty vests each from our first order. We have continued our fundraising during the Summer. We would like to thank all the staff and customers of Wyevale Garden Centre for their support, where a fantastic sum of £1000.00 has been donated. This enabled us to place our second order which should arrive shortly, when we will then be able to supply a further seven schools with their vests.

  Birchington Primary
In the early years members of the public would donate a lump of coal to be distributed to those in need at Christmas. Today we give Christmas hampers to families and individuals who deserve that ‘little extra’

So you are all most welcome to join us at any of our future fundraising events. Our Murder Mystery in October, our Fashion Show in November or our Christmas Quiz in December.

Thanet Lions is part of one of the largest charity service organisation in the world, with 1.4 million members serving in clubs located in 240 countries. If you would like to know more about Lions or think we can help you please take  look at our website www.thanetlions.org or telephone us on 08458339532 for further details. 

Oct 16- Lions Clubs International Centennial Update

posted 30 Oct 2016, 09:44 by Thanet LionsClub


Lions Club International will be 100 years old in 2017. Thanet Lions, along with all Clubs around the world, are looking forward to celebrating this occasion.

In 1917, a 38 year old American insurance agent, Melvin Jones, attended a Business Circle luncheon in Chicago.  He was thinking, ‘What if these men, who are successful because of their drive, intelligence and ambition, were to put their talents to work improving their own communities, instead of discussing the financial benefits of membership?’  He invited delegates from men’s clubs who met in Chicago to lay the groundwork for such an organisation.   In a secret ballot, the name Lions was chosen over several others and, on 7th June, 1917, Lions Clubs International was born.

Melvin Jones eventually abandoned his insurance agency to devote himself full-time to Lions at the International Headquarters in Chicago.  He was also recognised as a leader by those outside the Lions when, in 1945, he represented Lions Clubs International as a consultant in San Francisco, California, at the organisation of the United Nations.  To this day, we still take young people from Thanet Schools to the Houses of Parliament each year on United Nations Day.

Melvin Jones, the man whose personal code was, you can’t get very far until you start doing something for somebody else, became a guiding principle for public-spirited people the world over.  He died on 1st June 1961 at the age of 82.

It was thanks to the support of the Canadian Lions and the intervention of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, that the first Lions Club in London was founded in 1950.

Canadian Lions had provided invaluable support for children orphaned in the Second World War. To thank them, the then Queen sent her equerry Colonel Edward Wyndham (later Lord Leconfield) to Canada. He was so impressed that the Windsor (Ontario) Lions Club agreed to sponsor the first London Club, with Lord Leconfield as its founding Charter President. Today, HRH The Countess of Wessex is a Member of the Wokingham Lions Club and Royal Patron of the Lions Clubs of the British Isles.

Thanet Lions Club was founded in 1967 and Chartered in 1968. 

By the 1970’s, Lions Clubs were still a male predominant domain.  Consequently, their wives created Lioness Clubs, so they could do work for their communities.  However, during the late 1980’s, many Lions Clubs began to invite ladies to join them in the United Kingdom.  Our current President Janet along with 3 other ladies, were the first to be inducted into Thanet Lions Club in August 1990.

So, after nearly 100 years, we are preparing to celebrate our Centennial around the world.

Our motto is We Serve.  Our new strapline is “Where there’s a Need, there’s a Lion”.

Oct 16- Smokey Paws presentation

posted 30 Oct 2016, 09:29 by Thanet LionsClub   [ updated 30 Oct 2016, 09:30 ]

THANET LIONS CLUB –Smokey Paws Project Presentation.

Thanet Lions Club members were delighted to attend Margate Fire Station to present them with a cheque for £90.00 for the purchase of a second Smoke Paws kit.

The Smokey Paws project is a national initiative to put pet oxygen masks on all UK front line fire engines.

Like humans, but more so, pets of all kinds can suffer the effects of smoke inhalation. As little as three breaths can kill. Fire itself is a traumatic event for any family and to additionally loose a pet is devastating. Fire fighters do their best to save pets, often improvising with adult masks to reverse the effects of smoke inhalation. However it is often difficult to get a good seal therefore much of the intended oxygen escapes into the atmosphere. Smoke Paws kits are specially designed and manufactured to ensure the recipient pet receives 100% of the oxygen, hugely increasing the prospects of a successful outcome. They come with three different sized masks, so dogs and cats to hamsters and even reptiles can be treated.

Since its launch last November some 65 kits have been sponsored and are used in and around the County of Kent. Ten more kits were required, Margate Fire Station needing a second. As we are all aware, Fire service budgets are very much under strain, Thanet Lions were more than happy to ‘step in’ and fulfil this requirement.

Volunteer Fire Fighter Chris Wheal demonstrating the Smoky Paw Kit

Lion President Janet along with Lion Lucy presenting the cheque to the Fire Officers from White Watch


Presentation of cheque from L-R Lions Mike, Jacquie Fire Office Chris, Lion President Janet, Lions Lucy and Bob

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